Lip-Makeup Organizers for Your Purse: a Purchase Guide

Serial Siren Compare Substitute Makeup Bags

Lip cosmetics are unlike any other cosmetic. Women retrieve and apply lip makeup from their purses several times a day, making findability, organization, color coding, efficiency and ease of use in a makeup organizer essential. Here’s what to consider among the organizers in the market today.

Makeup Organizers, Makeup Bags & Makeup Cases

Typical makeup bags keep your cosmetics in one defined location; however, the purse environment is a bumpy one. Eyeshadows, blushes and other powder products that aren’t secure can crumble and lipstick caps can shimmy off. Even makeup travel bags and professional makeup cases can disappoint if products are allowed to touch, grind and scuff together. By keeping lip makeup in a separate, closed environment, you can keep purses, cosmetics and fingers clean.

Purse Organizers and Bag Organizers

Bag organizers are helpful to women in organizing a variety of items. When considering them for lip makeup, watch for features that eliminate the need to hunt for individual products, color choices and a mirror several times per day when retrieving and applying them.

Lip Balm Containers, Lip Balm Holders, Lipstick Organizers & Lipstick Holders

Using any of these products is better than tossing lip makeup into the rough-and-tumble environment of your purse. Watch out for lack of lip-specific design features, difficult-to-use elastic bands and limited volume.

Serial Siren Lipstick Cases and Hybrid Lipstick Organizers

Our products are designed to keep the lip makeup in your purse findable, preserved, scatter-proof, color-coded & ready-set for repeat lip applications. All organizers include individual slots for lip cosmetics, mirror and flip-close magnet tops. Five sizes ensure you can accommodate from 3 to up to 14 on-the-go, color-coordinated lip cosmetics to match your outfit, situation or mood.