Comparing Substitutes

Serial Siren Compare Substitute Makeup Bags

There are many bags in the marketplace today that can carry lip products. However, lip cosmetics are unlike any other cosmetic. Women retrieve and apply them several times a day, making findability, organization, color coding, efficiency, and ease of use essential. Most bags in the marketplace fail to provide these advantages.

Makeup bags, makeup organizers, makeup cases, cosmetic bags, cosmetic cases, and toiletry bags. These bags come in all shapes and sizes. Some have pockets that provide forms of organization; others are one-pocket caverns that grind all products together. Either way, we struggle to recommend them for lip cosmetics due to their lack of lip-specific design features, often low-budget plastic quality, and limited volume.

​Bag organizers, bag inserts, purse organizers, and purse inserts. These inserts and organizers are helpful to women in organizing a variety of items in their purses and bags. We like what they do. When it comes to lip cosmetics, however, women still have to hunt for individual lip products, color choices, and a mirror several times per day when retrieving and applying their lip products. While we believe these bags are generally helpful, we don't believe they've addressed women's needs regarding lip cosmetics.

​Acrylic lipstick holders and organizers. These holders and organizers are designed for use at home and are not purse portable. You can't take them with you. Non-acrylic lipstick holders and organizers are often purse portable, but usually only have room for one to three lip products. What are you supposed to do if you carry more than three?

​In short, we believe Serial Siren produces the best makeup bags in the marketplace today for women who love lip products, carry them in their purse, and apply them often.