Hybrid Cases

Find, color-code and apply all varieties of lip cosmetics from your purse with ease and grace. Our Hybrid lipstick organizers accommodate lipsticks, lip balm, lip gloss and lip liners. Mix and match lip cosmetics of various heights and widths. Glam up on the go with our inside mirror and flip-close magnet top.

Replace Your Makeup Organizer with the Best Lipstick Organizer on the Market Today

Drop-in fabric grid, mirror and flip-close top help make your lip makeup findable, portable, preserved, scatter-proof, color-coded and ready-set for repeat lip applications. Typical makeup organizers or lipstick organizers fail to provide these advantages. Time for them to be replaced!

Choose from among five organizer sizes, depending on how many lipsticks, lip balms, lip glosses and lip pencils you'd like to carry in your purse.

For lipstick holders designed for shorter lipstick and lip-balm products only, shop Lipstick cases.