Lipstick Cases

Serial Siren lipstick cases help you find, organize and protect the go-to lipsticks and lip balms in your purse. A fabric grid houses and color-codes your lip makeup while the mirror and flip-close magnet top makes repeat lip applications easy and rewarding. Most cases also include a zip pocket for securing small, easily-lost items.  

Best Lipstick Holder

Lipstick! It's the most popular cosmetic worldwide. From red lipstick to black lipstick, there's so much to love. Now you can have your favorite lipstick colors portable, protected, contained, color-coded and at-attention for easy repeat lip applications in our uniquely designed cases. No more rummaging for lip cosmetics or fumbling with them from your purse.

Best Lip-Balm HoldeR

Carry your best lip balms in cases designed to help you find and access them faster – ours! Choose from five lip balm holders with inside grids that can accommodate 3, 5, 7, 10 or 14 lip balms, depending on how many you'd like to carry in your purse.

For cases designed for lip glosses and lip pencils in addition to lipsticks and lip balm products, shop Hybrid Cases.