Founder Story: The Lip-Makeup Organizer that Ended My Purse Rummaging

I'm the founder of Serial Siren and thought it appropriate to share my founders story with pictures of the "before" and "after" of my own purse.

I was raised in a family with four sisters. Each of us was indoctrinated in the religion of lipstick by my Mother: she insisted we put it on before we left the house. We laugh about it now, but even in middle age, do we still put lipstick on before we go out? Yes. Yes we do. 

Among the four of us girls, I'm the one with the largest lipstick collection. True to my training, I don't leave the house without lip makeup. I keep many colors in my purse to have options on hand that match my outfit, situation, season and mood. 

Since lipsticks are small, they were always falling to the bottom of my purse. I found myself constantly rummaging through my purse looking for them. For years. Multiple times per day. And I didn't want to put them in a double-work makeup bag: looking into two bags and still rummaging for colors? No thank you. I wanted something I could open and see colors touch-free, at a glance.

Here is my "before" purse with this week's seven lipsticks and best lip balms rummaging around in the bottom:

Lip-Makeup Organizer Ends Purse Rummaging - Before 
And here is my "after" purse, with all seven of those lip cosmetics tucked into my "at a glance" seven-slot Lipstick case. I love my cases and I hope you do too. My purse feels cleaner and less chaotic daily day with fewer things I have to rummage through. Plus, I find the color I want the first time every time.
Lip-Makeup Organizer Ends Purse Rummaging - After 
So there you have it. Serial Siren cases have an unconventional design to increase efficiency in finding and applying beautiful lip makeup colors on the go.
.I hope you enjoy your Serial Siren as much as I love mine!